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We have happy members and we always welcome more. As a large supplier for the gift industry, we maintain a huge selection of merchandise for gift and novelty stores, craft and hobby businesses, home décor businesses, and similar industries seeking wholesale supplies.


If you receive our emails or shop in our warehouse, you have already signed up and have been accepted. Please go here to recover the password associated with your email address.

We are a wholesale only company. If you are already one of our customers and have registered with us in the past, you do not need to complete the membership form.

For new customers, we must have your State Resale Tax License to allow access to our website catalog. We do not want or need your EIN. If the state you are in does not collect sales tax, your State Business License number is acceptable. A sample ID can be found here. Your application will not be processed until we receive a valid tax ID.

Applications are not automated an automated process. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and do not submit additional applications.

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  • Tax IDs may be faxed to us at: 717-207-0125 Or emailed to us at:

Please note: If you are looking to change your information we already have on file, please fill out the form located in the Update My Info page.